Does chemotherapy always mean hair loss?

Answer On One Hand: Hair Loss Never a Sure ThingCancer patients often fear hair loss--alopecia--when considering chemotherapy, which kills or impedes cancer cell growth and reproduction. As chemotherapy a... Read More »

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Why does chemotherapy cause hair loss?

Many changes take place in the body during chemotherapy. The chemicals used during chemotherapy treatments cause hair loss in men and women temporarily.How Treatment Affects Hair FolliclesHair grow... Read More »

Does a person always lose all of his hair as a result of chemotherapy?

On One Hand: Chemotherapy Often Causes Hair LossChemotherapy is a type of drug that stops rapidly dividing cells, like cancer cells, from multiplying. However, chemotherapy also affects healthy cel... Read More »

Shampoos for Hair Loss Due to Chemotherapy?

Hair loss is one of the common side effects of chemotherapy treatments. says that chemotherapy causes hair loss because the chemotherapy targets any and all rapidly dividing cells,... Read More »

How to Prevent Hair Loss After Chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy is a drug treatment that kills fast growing cancer cells. Unfortunately, chemotherapy also kills normal fast growing cells such as those that contribute to hair growth. Cancer patients... Read More »