Does chatwing only work with certain browsers?

Answer I have used it in all browsers Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome and it's great.Also, works perfect on my mobile browsers :)

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Why does a video card work only in certain pci slots?

A video card only works in certain PCI slots because there are two different types of PCI cards in addition to AGP video cards. PCI slots/cards were developed first, and are much slower than newer ... Read More »

Does Norton work on all browsers?

The Norton toolbar that tells you which websites are safe before you click on the link will only work in Firefox or Internet Explorer. However, the firewall and other basic functions will work no m... Read More »

I use my laptop to record lots onto dvd-r it use to work fine but now it will only write to a certain type y?

Hi,It is possible that the DVD rom is faulty, it is well know for laptop rom's to die early, probably from the heat generated in such a small space.Try the dvd's on a friends pc.You could also try ... Read More »

Why does my subwoofer seem out of phase only at certain locations?

Not standing waves, but interfering waves.There is probably too much response overlap between the main speakers and the sub, and it is likely that the bass level is excessive (a common mistake made... Read More »