Does chantix work you quit smoking?

Answer Want to quit? Be aware of ...- No one can quit if not entirely convinced to do so.- There's no best nor easy way to quit. - Everyone is different in the way they stop smoking. - What worked for som... Read More »

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Does Chantix really work to stop smoking?

On One Hand: Chantix WorksChantix works to keep the brain from recognizing and benefiting from nicotine. Dosages begin low and increase over a 12-week period to help reduce the discomfort of nicoti... Read More »

Does hypnosis really work to help you quit smoking?

On One Hand: A study shows it has promise.A study out of the University of California, San Francisco found that hypnosis equaled behavioral therapy in helping subjects to quit smoking. Out of 125 s... Read More »

Does the patch work to quit smoking?

On One Hand: The Patch Can Help Smokers QuitThe patch is a form of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), which helps smokers quit by reducing the withdrawal symptoms associated with nicotine addictio... Read More »

Team, any suggestions to quit smoking... only ones that work please...?

Just ask a question concerning cigarettes and you get so many different answers it has to be confusing. I will get to the point. I am 60 years old. I have smoked since I was 14 years old. I loved ... Read More »