Does changing the air filter change a car's sound?

Answer When you put a car that has a dirty air filter in idle, you will hear the engine speed up as soon as you take the air filter cover off. When an air filter is clean, the car sounds smooth because i... Read More »

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Is changing an air filter in a car good for gas mileage?

On One Hand: No Significant DifferenceAccording to a study done by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory for the Department of Energy in February of 2009, newer vehicles with fuel injection systems sho... Read More »

Instructions for Changing a Hyundai 3.3 Oil Filter?

Hyundai 3.3-liter engines, regardless of the type of car, all run the same. They all use 10W-30 oil to lubricate the moving parts. According to Haynes, a well respected automotive repair guide, it ... Read More »

Instructions for Changing a Fuel Filter?

Changing the fuel filter on your vehicle does many things to improve engine operation. Fuel filters have elements designed to trap harmful particles from entering the combustion chamber. Rust, and ... Read More »

Process for Changing Oil & Filter on a 2009 RAV4?

In 1996, Toyota released its compact SUV, known as the RAV4. In the 2009 model year, the RAV4 came standard with a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine that cranked out 179 horsepower. The small SUV also... Read More »