Does changing spark plugs help on a smog test?

Answer On One Hand: Emissions Could ReduceReplacing worn spark plugs can raise fuel economy and lower emissions. Emissions are what is checked during a smog test.On the Other: The Reduction is SmallAccord... Read More »

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When changing spark plugs in a VW Jetta...?

The syntegration unit is only to be used when breeding your Jetta with a Rabbit. Unless you want to have little Rabbettas or Jettits running around all over your garage, leave that thing alone. S... Read More »

How to Improve Gas Mileage By Changing Spark Plugs?

Spark plugs degrade over time. As this happens, the intensity of spark the plug produces for ignition decreases. The vehicle compensates by adding more fuel. Before buying spark plugs, you will be ... Read More »

Does changing spark plugs improve gas mileage?

On One Hand: Plugs Degrade Over TimeSpark plugs are wear items. The material at the tip, where the spark ignites your car's air-fuel mixture, degrades over time. As it degrades, the spark intensity... Read More »

Tips on Changing the Spark Plugs in a 2005 Sienna?

Changing the spark plugs on a 2005 Toyota Sienna is doable for a do-it-yourselfer, however, the larger the hands and forearms, the higher the degree of difficulty. This is a problem with all front-... Read More »