Does cervix dilate during childbirth?

Answer Yes, the cervix dialates during childbirth, all the way up to 10cm.

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Does it hurt when your cervix starts to dilate?

No it doesn't hurt in fact you can't tell if it is dilated.

How to Dilate the Cervix?

Cervical dilation is done for a number of reasons. A woman who is pregnant may undergo dilation and effacement of the cervix as a labor inducement. Women who require a procedure known as a dilation... Read More »

If Cervix unable to dilate after 20 over hours of labor what is the cause?

My cervix was unable to dilate after 9 hours of hard labor. I was induced and the doctors told me that they had the pitocin level as high as they could put it without rupturing my uterus. My doctor... Read More »

What is the average number of pushes a woman does during childbirth?