Does central Phoenix have only one zip code?

Answer Central Phoenix has four zip codes. The downtown area's Central Corridor uses the zip codes 85013 and 85012. Real-estate classifications designate two other nearby zip codes, 85014 and 85015, as No... Read More »

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What is the zip code for Phoenix, Arizona?

As of 2010, there are approximately 80 zip codes listed for Phoenix, Arizona. The first three digits--850--are the same for all the zip codes, but the last two digits range from 01 to 99 (excluding... Read More »

What is KTAR Phoenix word of day and bonus code for 5/26?

Slueth is Mail8 am is Beach11am is Marriage2 pm is Comedy Tour3pm is 8pm is Joe ArpaioAnyone have the thank you bonus code?

Is Giovanni ribisi in series 2 of friends episode where Phoebe is busking outside central Perk because Chrissie Hynde has taken her slot at Central Perk?

Yes that is Giovanni Ribisi. Phoebe is playing outside Central Perk with her case open, collecting tips. Ribisi comes and digs in the case because he dropped a condom in there. This is plausible be... Read More »

If a place has central heat does it has central air too?

Not necessarily. Central Air is an option and can be added to most forced air heating systems. If you live in a house look on outsdie to see if an air conditioner compressor is present. If it is t... Read More »