Does cat urine turn into ammonia?

Answer Normal feline urine contains .05-percent ammonia. A weak ammonia odor is normal, but a stronger scent may indicate a bacterial infection. Ammonia is also a byproduct released as bacteria breaks dow... Read More »

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Why Does Cat Urine Smell Like Ammonia?

Cat urine can have a strong, distinct smell of ammonia. This is because cat urine is concentrated when expelled from the body and is ammonia-based. There are ways to reduce the ammonia smell. In so... Read More »

How Does Ammonia From Cat Urine Hurt Humans?

Anyone with a cat recognizes the strong familiar scent of ammonia lurking its way from the litter box. While the odor is less than desirable, ammonia from cat urine poses minimal risk for humans, a... Read More »

Ammonia Odor in Urine?

Ammonia smell in urine can either be a warning sign of a health problem or simply the body ridding itself of certain kinds of waste that it no longer wants or needs. While the smell can be a harbi... Read More »

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