Does car insurance need to match the titled owner of the vehicle?

Answer Insurance companies have different rules and requirements about insuring vehicles registered to someone else. Some insurers will only insure a vehicle in your name; others do allow you to insure a ... Read More »

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Your sisters car that you'd driving have insurance do you need to get non owner insurance?

You need to have your sister schedule you as an covered driver on her auto insurance policy to be covered.Non Owners Insurance will not cover you in any vehicle to which you have regular access.

Do you need insurance to get a driver's license if the owner of the car has insurance?

In the United States, most states require a vehicle to have a set amount of liability insurance. Since it is the car that is actually insured instead of the driver, most states only require the veh... Read More »

If you are a co-owner of a car do both owners need to carry liability insurance?

file with your insurance company and they will deal with your neighbors insurance policy.

Do you need a driver license in order to obtain an Assigned non owner Risk Plan for auto Insurance?

Answer Yes, with most companies you have to have a driver's lic first. The high risk insurance companies will usually give you a time line (example 30 days) to obtain a Lic or they will cancel you.... Read More »