Does captus goo acutally taste good ?

Answer There's some cactus species that are known to have edible parts, and there's recipes for them. It's not generally a good idea to eat plants at random though. Not all of them are necessarily going t... Read More »

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Does soy milk taste good?

On One Hand: Refreshing, Earthy FlavorSince soy milk is made from a vegetable, it has a plant-like taste that is not present in cow's milk. Many people find this flavor refreshing and pleasantly ea... Read More »

Does Soy sauce taste any good?

it is. just don't put to much. what you should do is put a little at first and just mix it into the rice. add a little until you find the right amount that you like.

Why does peas taste good?

Does lobster taste good?

It depends on the restaurant. Lobster is so good on it's own that I can not imagine chopping it up to put in a filling for ravioli.If it is chunks of lobster it might be pretty good. If it is so c... Read More »