Does canned cat food have a lot of water?

Answer All commercially made canned cat food contains at least 75 percent water. The remaining ingredients are protein, fat, fiber and additives. This is a lot compared to dry cat food, which contains 10 ... Read More »

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Why does canned food always come out mushy?

The reason for that is because the food is cooked near to death before it is put in the can, so it was mushy before it even got there.

How to Switch a Small Kitten From Canned Food to Dry Food?

Once you have weaned your kitten off of formula or mother's milk and onto a wet food diet, you can slowly transition it to a dry food diet. Unlike wet, canned foods, you can safely leave out dry fo... Read More »

Is it true that leaving canned food in the heat for a while will make the food inside spoil?

Tuna is actually canned and then cooked while it is in the can (saw it in food network). I wouldn't worry about sardines getting spoiled in a can. Most caned goods are good to extreme temperatures,... Read More »

Does canned salmon have mercury?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration places canned salmon in its category of fish and shellfish with lower levels of mercury. Canned salmon has undetectable levels of mercury, i.e., fewer than .01... Read More »