Does candida cause ulcerative colitis?

Answer On One Hand: Candida Infects the ColonThe candida family of yeasts has been known to infect almost every organ system in the body including all sections of the gastrointestinal tract. Candida is co... Read More »

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Does ulcerative colitis cause fistulas?

On One Hand: Complication of Inflammatory Bowel DiseaseInflammatory bowel disease is comprised of both ulcerative colitis (UC) and Crohn's disease. Ulcerative colitis is the most common inflammator... Read More »

Does carbohydrate intolerance cause ulcerative colitis?

On One Hand: Carbohydrate Intolerance Is Not a CauseCarbohydrate intolerance and other food-related issues do not cause or contribute to the development of ulcerative colitis, according to the Croh... Read More »

Does ulcerative colitis cause lack of nutrients?

On One Hand: Ulcerative Colitis ComplicationsUlcerative colitis is an inflammatory bowel disorder causing chronic inflammation of the digestive tract. Medicine Net and the Mayo Clinic both list ane... Read More »

Do laxatives cause ulcerative colitis?

On One Hand: Cause UnknownUlcerative colitis is a type of inflammatory bowel disease. It affects the large intestine, and typically causes abdominal pain and cramping, diarrhea and sometimes rectal... Read More »