Does camomile tea taste the same as Green tea?

Answer Camomile have an awesome aroma that will tickle your nose in delight! its simply amazing. No it dosen't really taste like green tea, but my oh my you must try camomile!

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Does cold green tea have the same benefits as hot green tea?

On One Hand: Differences in Hot and Cold Green TeaHot green tea is usually fresher than cold tea, and so it contains more anti-oxidants that help repair oxidant damage to the body and prevent condi... Read More »

Why does green tea have a fishy taste?

I like grean tea without sugar it tastes great.. Your body gts fit by drinking green tea..

Does decaf tea and regular tea taste the same?

Why does mellow yellow taste the same as mountain dew?

Mountain Dew is owned by Pepsi. Mello Yellow is Coca Cola's alternative to Mountain Dew. Kind of like how Pepsi made Sierra Mist to rival Sprite.Also, they don't taste exactly the same.