Does burning sage clean the room from negative energies?

Answer Yes, it does. You can also mix Lavender essential oil with water, put the mixture in a spray bottle and spritz it around also.

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What is the purpose of burning sage?

Sage was used by American Indians in rituals to cleanse evil spirits from the body and buildings. In a ceremony called "smudging," dried bunches of sage were burned, its smoke purifying the person ... Read More »

Do you believe that burning sage gets rid of bad energy?

I am a Christian and I do not believe that it is wrong unless you put more faith in your sage burning than you do in Christ. If you do not believe in Christ that you can do what ever you will. If... Read More »

Does having an incense stick burning in my room causes health problems?

Some researchers have begun to suspect that incense burning may pose some health concerns. Because incense is a slow burn, many believe that it gives off a lot of chemicals such as carbon monoxide,... Read More »

How do I clean soot from the front of a wood burning furnace?

Cleaning the Oil FilterTurn off the wood burning furnace, and allow it to cool. Apply some water on the front of the wood burning surface. Slide the oil filter out, and wipe it with a damp cloth.Cl... Read More »