Does building up the immune system speed up cancer?

Answer There is no evidence to suggest that building up the immune system will speed up the growth of cancer. Contrary to this suggestion, building up or stimulating the immune system is a treatment used ... Read More »

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Is there a correlation between cancer and the immune system?

Very good question.I disagree with "Panda" which is very rare.Though I agree with her that even young people with good immune systems can develop malignancies.I think a strong functioning immune sy... Read More »

I have diabetes and cancer, how can i help myself strenthen myself & my immune system?

Depends entirely what kind of cancer. Some cancers can be as benign as to be brushed off your skin. Others are more aggressive and invasive.*IF* this is one of those aggressive cancers people may l... Read More »

Do you feel optimistic about this vaccine that would use the body's immune system to treat cancer?

As a cancer survivor, I say Yeah! It is time for other treatments. The ones that are currently available are worse than the disease. They kill even the good cells and leave the patient with a host ... Read More »

When building a gaming system. What is more important, processor speed or RAM memory?

The processor should be your main focus if you are planning a gaming build, because it is not as logical, or cost efficient to keep changing your processor. RAM is ALOT easier, and cheaper to chan... Read More »