Does brilliant setting on a dlp kill lamp life?

Answer On One Hand: Brilliant Mode Has a Brighter PictureKeeping your DLP projector in brilliant or bright mode will give you the brightest picture available. This mode uses the full wattage of the lamp ... Read More »

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Can a single lamp lcd monitor be used in place of a dual lamp lcd monitor. My HP Pavillion laptop needed a replacement monitor for the HDX 16 1025NR model and was a dual lamp. Can I usea single lamp?

go on word click insert pic. click the pic u want there will be 5 boxes up top when u inert it click the down arrow on the right sidethen a list will pop up click on the oval one :)THERE U GO BUD!!:)

What is the life expectancy of an average laser printer in a small business setting?

All the printers have a rated capacity. Most of the printer has a design life of five years at rated print volume.Normal laser printer which we use at home or small office is able to take 1000 to 2... Read More »

How to Kill the Scorpion on Drawn to Life?

In the action-adventure game "Drawn to Life," the penultimate battle is with a scorpion that is nearly invincible. This magical creation of Wilfre, the game's main baddie, damages with a touch and ... Read More »

Does Chlorine Kill Plant Life?

Chlorine can kill a host of organisms, plant life among them. However, its danger to your plant life is tied very specifically to its amount. In tiny doses, chlorine is actually used to the benefit... Read More »