Does breast cancer harm any other part of the body?

Answer Breast cancer cells may separate from the original tumor and spread to other parts of the body by way of tissue, blood vessels or lymph vessels. Metastasis may occur, which means that a secondary t... Read More »

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Can it harm if you go on sunbed for a few minutes at a time after treatment for breast cancer?

if u go in a tanning bed for 3 to 4 minutes it wouldnt do anything anyways..your very first time they start u off at 5 or 6. and you dont have to go tanning to get a little tan...try jergens lotion... Read More »

Can breast cancer spread to the rest of the body?

On One Hand: Cancer MetastasesWomen are often declared cancer free after breast cancer treatment, but sometimes small undetectable cancer cells remain. The cells multiply and spread, which is calle... Read More »

Why is it we have breast cancer awareness pins to wear and show support...breast cancer walks?

Typically, it's the big fish that makes the biggest splash.While watching the Oscars, they honoured Jerry Lewis and they said he was responsible for raising $2 billion for MS.$2 billion bucks and I... Read More »

My paternal grandmother died of breast cancer. Does that increase my chances of developing breast cancer?

Breast cancer is common enough that having a grandparent who contracted the disease does not necessarily mean that you have any predisposition to it yourself. Just be vigilant, and you'll be fine.