Does breaking your hymen hurt during and after sex?

Answer No, it's not your hymen breaking that hurts. It's unlikely that you'll really feel that. For many girls, especially if you're active and doing lots of sports, it's already broken by the time they l... Read More »

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Does breaking a hymen hurt?

it pretty much depends on the person. some girls break their hymens while doing gymnastics or any other sport, and some girls' hymens don't even break. point is. there are a lot of factors for it ... Read More »

Could this have been my hymen breaking?

Your hymen doesn't bleed that much, most girls don't even realize the blood when there hymens break and I believe the longest I've heard is a few days.Since it would be your first period it can be ... Read More »

Does it hurt when a hymen breaks?

Why don't you ask your mother? I really don't know @.@. I'm not married yet.

If you still have your hymen does it hurt to give birth if your pregnant?

I take it you got pregnant at a clinic then. The so called "hymen" doesn't actually exist; it's small folds of skin around the muscle and when having sex the first time one can burst with bleeding ... Read More »