Does bob marley drink really make you tired?

Answer You will most likely fall asleep, I've seen my friend drink one and he passed out shortly after drinking one. It makes you relaxed and helps you fall asleep.It's full of "natural, calming, botanica... Read More »

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Does Horlicks drink really make you sleepy?

Yes,Horlicks can make me feel sleepy sometimes.

Does caffeine affect your vision or is it because I'm really tired?

i never had that when i dirnk caffine even in high amounts might wanna sleep longer

Anyone ever drink bob marley mellow mood?

I just had a can, and it most certainly did mellow me out, its just a few legal supplements, think of an energy drink, but everything it contains is made to have the completely opposite effects of ... Read More »

Why can't my eyes focus when I am really, really tired?

When you get tired like that, all of the muscles in your body, including the ones in your eyes, don't work as well because they need rest.