Does bluetooth work on a broadcast methodology?

Answer It depends on what is meant by "broadcast methodology". Bluetooth uses radio technology; however, it also uses networking technology and enables two-way communication, operating at much smaller dis... Read More »

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The Difference Between Quantitative Research Methodology & Qualitative Research Methodology?

Researchers are often faced with the decision of choosing the methodology that best suits their study and objectives. There are both advantages and disadvantages and strengths and weaknesses to qua... Read More »

Does Bluetooth work in iPhone 3G?

It does, but you are not able to send any files or photos. You may connect to Headphones or a Wireless device.

Does E-Stealth Bluetooth work?

On One Hand: The Manufacturer Says It WorksE-Stealth claims that its Ultimate Bluetooth Mobile Phone Spy software allows you to spy on an unsuspected cell phone user, giving you access to his list ... Read More »

Does bluetooth 2.0 work on iPhone 4S?