Does bluetooth do what it is set out to do?

Answer haha they are the same but 3gs is slighty faster so why not

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What does bluetooth mean?

Bluetooth is a wireless means of electronic communication. Wires and cables have been made archaic when it comes to transferring information from one electronic device to another because of the dev... Read More »

What does bluetooth usb mean?

The term "Bluetooth USB" refers to a wireless-transfer technology that can be used by personal electronics---usually laptop or desktop computers---that are equipped with universal serial bus (USB) ... Read More »

What does Bluetooth 2.0 mean?

Bluetooth 2.0 is an updated version of Bluetooth technology, which allows for hands-free telephone use. Older versions included Bluetooth 1.0 and 1.2. The newer 2.0 version is said to be quicker an... Read More »

What does Bluetooth enabled mean?

Bluetooth is a short-range wireless connection between electronic devices, such as a cell phone and headset. It has been widely adopted and is supported by many manufacturers.HistoryThe Bluetooth ... Read More »