Does blue tooth headphone have radiation?

Answer Yes. Radio wave radiation. And the screen you're looking at has light radiation. And if your monitor is the old tube type, then you've got a bit of x-ray (cathode ray) radiation to boot. Please l... Read More »

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Does blue tooth headphone have harmful radiation?

As you may know, cell phones emit significant radiation (source: Fortunately for us consumers and the general public, the government has regulat... Read More »

Do blue tooth headphone have a thing you plug in to the headphone port or not?

No . They receive the sound from the bluetooth transmitter in the device so no need to plug anything into the socket

Are blue tooth headphones safe from radiation?

A headphone amp is a small device that amplifies power within headphone speakers. They are capable of increasing volume levels, bass performance, improving sonic range and revealing more detail in ... Read More »

Do your iPod headphone give off radiation?

No they cannot because it's wired hope I help