Does blue ray need to be updated?

Answer maybe wait and see in the sequel

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I have a samsung BD-D5100 blue ray player that doesn't want to pay blue rays. I have updated the firmware.?

Bluray laser is Kaput...I could suggest a lens cleaner disc, but since it plays DVDs that will not work (one lens, two lasers). Repair (like Samsung rep said) or buy new one.

How often does whmis training need to be updated in ontario, canada?

In Ontario, Canada, Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System training needs to be provided only one time by the employer. This training may be generic instruction on controlled substances. ... Read More »

What's a blue ray dvd player How much does it cost Do I need HD TV to watch movies in blue ray?

It's an HD (1080p) alternative to DVD. Disks look like DVDs but won't play on a DVD player (although DVDs will play on a Blu-ray player). They also feature improved sound over DVD ... but you need... Read More »

Do cars with navigation systems need to be updated?

Whether you purchase a navigation system already installed in your car or a separate system, there may be a time when you need to update your system. Most systems have a feature that allows you to ... Read More »