Does blue hake have scales?

Answer The blue hake is also known as the hoki and the blue grenadier. The fish has small, deciduous scales, which means they rub off easily. It is often used in fast food fish sandwiches.Source:Australia... Read More »

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Does an Antarctic icefish have scales?

Extreme cold conditions in the Antarctic have created adaptive evolution in the area's wildlife. The Antarctic icefish has the unique adaptation of having no scales. Because of this, they are able ... Read More »

Does a frog's skin have scales?

Frogs do not have scales. Frogs are amphibians, not lizards. A frog's skin is a "lycra" skin and is water permeable. The "lycra" type skin keeps them safe from injury as well.References:The Frog: F... Read More »

Does a shark have ganoid scales?

Ganoid scales are thick, overlapping coverings found on fish such as gar. Sharks do not have this type of scale. Instead, they are covered in dermal denticles, which are tiny and give sharks their ... Read More »

Why does Lady Justice have scales that are equal?

"Lady Justice" is symbolic of equal justice meted out under the law. Known as "Justitia" to the Romans, she is frequently depicted as a blindfolded woman carrying a sword in the right hand and a se... Read More »