Does blood turn purple when out of the skin?

Answer i think its a bruise.......or it could be a blood blister

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Bleeding purple blood?

Once it gets to your feet, your blood has often given up a lot of the oxygen to other cells on the way down your legs. This means it's not the bright red of blood closer to your heart, with greate... Read More »

Is it possible to catch hiv from having a drip of blood on skin and the skin doesnt have any cuts?

It's seriously unlikely. You have a bigger chance of winning the lotto, or getting hit by the bus tomorrow. You'll be fine.

My period blood is green with tints of purple in it?

That is actually so strange! I don't think that this is real, you're either hallucinating. You should definitely see a doctor, whether you're hallucinating or not, because who's period is green wit... Read More »

Is it serious when your baby gums turn purple?

I would definitely consult your doctor immediately to check you don't have some kind of gum disease. I don't want to worry you, but things like that seriously need checking out by a doctor just in ... Read More »