Does bleach kill mold&mildew?

Answer On One Hand: Bleach Kills Mold and MildewUse a solution of 1 cup of bleach in 1 gallon of water to clean mold and mildew from nonporous surfaces, like bathroom tiles. Let the area air dry. Do not u... Read More »

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Does bleach kill roaches?

Although not the preferred method, bleach can kill roaches. Bleach can be used in sink and bathtub drains as well as in toilets to kill roaches in areas where water can attract them.Source:How to K... Read More »

Does bleach kill mold?

Bleach kills mold on solid, non-porous household surfaces. Bleach, however, does not kill the mold spores that escape into the air as you clean the non-porous surfaces. Many porous materials ruined... Read More »

Does a Vinegar & Bleach Mix Kill Mold?

Vinegar is an effective mold killer, as is bleach. However, these two chemicals should be used separately to rid surfaces of mold. If they are combined into one mixture, the result is hazardous to ... Read More »

Does bleach kill basement mold?

You can clean mold growing on surfaces in basements by using chlorine bleach. However, bleach does not kill mold spores. The best way to control mold growth is to keep the area as dry as possible. ... Read More »