Does bleach kill cactus plants?

Answer Yes, bleach in sufficient quantities kills cactus plants. Bleach contains a form of chlorine, which is used to kill germs in water. Diluted bleach is one of the gardener's remedies for plant and so... Read More »

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Can bleach kill house plants?

Does cactus plants contain protein?

Does bleach kill mold?

Bleach kills mold on solid, non-porous household surfaces. Bleach, however, does not kill the mold spores that escape into the air as you clean the non-porous surfaces. Many porous materials ruined... Read More »

Does bleach kill roaches?

Although not the preferred method, bleach can kill roaches. Bleach can be used in sink and bathtub drains as well as in toilets to kill roaches in areas where water can attract them.Source:How to K... Read More »