Does black&white photography date back to the origin of photography?

Answer In the early 1800s black and white photography was all that was available due to the photography process still being in the experimental stage. The color photography process was discovered in the 1... Read More »

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How long is a personal check good for from the origin date?

Most banks are not required to cash checks after six months have passed from the date the check was written. However, some banks may cash old checks anyway. If you want to make sure an old check wo... Read More »

How to Back Out of a Date with a Girl?

So you cracked under the spotlight and said yes - or you've learned something about a girl that you didn't know before you asked her. And you want to get out of a date with this girl...

What year does the necktie date back to?

Ornate material around the neck dates back to King Louis the XIV of France who popularized the cravat. In 1924 American tailor Jesse Langsdorf designed and patended the first form of a necktie.Sour... Read More »

How to Back Up Your Computer to a Previous Date?

Backing up a computer to a previous date corrects problems that occur from computer viruses, conflicts and freezes. The Restore program in Windows lets computer owners restore their computers to a ... Read More »