Does biting your skin cause cancer?

Answer Biting your skin does not cause cancer. Cancers are found in various parts of the body and can be caused by overexposure to environmental elements, poor lifestyle choices, heredity or a number of o... Read More »

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Does writing on your hands cause skin cancer?

Skin Cancer no, cancer ?? It's unclear and depends on the ink.In general, occasionally writing on skin with water-based inks is considered non-hazardous. Concern arises when people write on their s... Read More »

Does touching or rubbing your breasts cause breast cancer?

Cancer happens when normal cells change so that they grow in an uncontrolled way. This uncontrolled growth causes a tumour to form.Touching or rubbing any part of your body can't trigger this proce... Read More »

How to Stop Biting the Skin Around Your Nails?

Biting the skin around your nails (known as the cuticle) is a common nervous habit, much like biting nails or scratching. Many things can cause this habit to occur including stress, hormonal imbala... Read More »

Can biting your tongue on the side cause a white bump and how long will it last?

%REPLIES% Answer It sounds like it's a canker sore. They are sometimes pretty painful, but aren't anything to worry about. They usually last about a week or less. If it doesn't go away or concer... Read More »