Does birth control cause abortions?

Answer On One Hand: Birth Control Prevents FertilizationHormonal birth control, including birth control pills, shots, patches and implants, works primarily by inhibiting ovulation. It also thickens cervic... Read More »

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Does birth control cause spotting?

Birth control pills pose a risk for spotting, or the appearance of small amounts of menstrual blood between your periods, reports the Mayo Clinic. For many women, spotting occurs when you first beg... Read More »

Does taking birth control cause ovarian cysts?

Birth control does not cause the formation of ovarian cysts, but rather prevents them from forming in many cases. Harmless cysts known as "functional cysts" can be prevented using birth control. An... Read More »

Does the birth control pill cause anxiety disorder?

Birth control pills do have the ability to cause anxiety disorder in some individuals. Birth control pills are hormonal contraceptives that have several side effects. The majority of birth control ... Read More »

Does birth control pills cause breast cancer?

Although any medication can cause cancer, there is no corrolative evidence to suggest that the Pill causes breast cancer