Does birth control affect breast growth?

Answer While each person is different, depending on the type of birth control used, breast size may increase when taking birth control. Estrogen and progestin are two hormones found in birth control that ... Read More »

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What can affect breast growth?

Any woman who has agonized through her adolescent years wishing her breasts were a different size can tell you that there is little to be done to affect breast size. This is because the majority o... Read More »

Does estrogen affect breast growth?

The amount of estrogens that females secrete at the onset of puberty increases some 20-fold, influencing pituitary hormones and causing breasts to enlarge. Estrogens cause breast tissues and a comp... Read More »

Can I breast-feed& take birth control?

On One Hand: Birth control is safe for nursing mothers.Obstetricians often prescribe birth control during the six-week postpartum check-up, and it is safe for use by breast-feeding mothers. Doctors... Read More »

Does birth control pills cause breast cancer?

Although any medication can cause cancer, there is no corrolative evidence to suggest that the Pill causes breast cancer