Does birth contol make your chest big?

Answer It can sometimes, It can't sometimes. Depends on the pill. The drug has a hormone in it that tricks your body into thinking your pregnant so your boobs CAN get bigger.

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Does the birth control that stops your period make your breasts bigger?

Answer Yes it can because you are taking hormones when you take birth control. You may also gain weight.

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Why does the middle of my chest hurt when I do chest exercises?

I had this last night actually, I believe Its because you may have over worked yourself. Just sit down, drink some water and relax. It will go away. If you don't exercise often and you're body isn'... Read More »

How to Make Your Chest Appear Smaller?

Pregnancy, breast enlargement surgery or weight gain can contribute to a larger chest. Making the chest appear smaller can be done with clothing. Wearing certain clothes, such as solid tops or A-li... Read More »