Does bio freeze work?

Answer On One Hand: It May Relieve a Wide Variety of Aches and PainsBio Freeze is a topical gel, which according to its manufacturer temporarily relieves pain from a wide variety of aliments. It purports ... Read More »

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How Does Freeze-Thaw Weathering Work?

Rocks may seem incredibly hard, but, like nearly everything else in nature, eventually wear away. Scientists call this process, where the forces of nature consume rocks and them back into sediment,... Read More »

Freeze Pane function wont work on Microsoft Excel 2003?

It would have been nice to know at what Row and/or Column you are attempting to Freeze.If you click into Cell B2, then use the WINDOW ==> FREEZE PANES from the menu. What happens afterwards when y... Read More »

What is going on with android phone if the software freeze when placing a call but the apps work fine?

Is it possible to create an Excel Spreadsheet saved as a webpage and still have the freeze panes option work?

If all you are wanting is to make sure that the "header" rows stay in place, so that one may scroll down the "data" rows, then just make two separate HTML Tables from the single MS-Excel worksheet.... Read More »