Does bill gates own part of apple?

Answer Bill Gates, a founder of Microsoft, does not own part of Apple. However, in 1997, when Apple and the rest of Silicon Valley was struggling during an economic downturn, Microsoft did invest $150 mil... Read More »

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Does Bill Gates own Apple Computers?

Bill Gates does not own Apple Computers. Apple Inc. is a publicly traded corporation and is thus owned in vast majority by stockholders in the general public. The largest shareholders as of 2010 ar... Read More »

Is Apple the real "Evil Corporation" that some accuse Bill Gates of wanting to build?

I hate Apple I admit that but:Microsoft is a Software company - it always was - they DON'T MAKE COMPUTERS.Apple is a Hardware Company and they make Macs. You can't compare the two and it's people ... Read More »

Does Bill Gates own Gateway computers?

Bill Gates does not own Gateway Computers. Gateway Computers was purchased by the Acer Group, a Taiwanese company, in 2007 for $710 million. Acer Group is a public company that is dually listed on ... Read More »

Does Bill Gates invest in the stock market?

Bill Gates, co-founder and Chairman of Microsoft Corporation, does invest in the stock market. Among his investments are biotech companies, Coca-Cola, McDonald's and Berkshire Hathaway. Some invest... Read More »