Does benzoyl peroxide really bleach hair?

Answer If you have acne try accutane/claravis. It will permanently get rid of the acne

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Does benzoyl peroxide cause hair loss?

On One Hand: Benzoyl Peroxide Is Remarkably SafeBenzoyl peroxide is a widely used treatment for acne, and is a safe and effective medication. Side effects, although rare, are possible. Hair loss, ... Read More »

Does peroxide bleach hair?

Peroxide is an oxidizing bleach. It has many uses, including being able to bleach hair. There are different grades of peroxide. A 6 percent beautician-grade of peroxide is what is normally used by ... Read More »

Does Benzoyl Peroxide Cause Wrinkles?

Acne, caused by bacteria in the skin and often aggravated by an overactive immune system, is usually extremely irritating as an adult, when one is not only fighting the ravages of time, but also th... Read More »

Does benzoyl peroxide cause premature aging?

When you use benzoyl peroxide you burn off a protective layer of your skin, a layer that would normally be a barrier to protect you from bacteria, dehydration, and UV rays of the sun. The reason it... Read More »