Does bendigo bank have an app for iphone?

Answer The Bendigo Bank will be launching its Mobile e-banking interface on 28 February 2011. There will be no need to download a special App for Mobile e-banking. Customers can use the web browser on th... Read More »

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Does Chase bank do notaries for free if I have a bank account?

Chase bank does charge customers for use of their notary services. The fee will vary depending on the branch that you visit. Call ahead to verify that they offer this service, as not all branches... Read More »

Can you open a bank account if you have bad bank history?

Most banks report to a reporting agency called Chex Systems. This organization acts much like the three major credit bureaus, except that its primary purpose is to monitor banking account history. ... Read More »

Can you use facetime on the iPhone 4 if whoever you're talking does not have an iPhone 4?

What does the iPhone 3G have that the iPhone doesn't?

The iPhone 3G: has App Store better battery better quality more features different size and weight. iPhone 3G can support GSM, WCDMA, UMTS.