Does being sterile mean you cannot have a baby?

Answer Yes, it means you're a man that is incapable of producing the regular amounts of sperm or any sperm at all. For a woman, it is called Infertile and means that there is a slim to none chance that y... Read More »

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Is a sterile dressing that touches a bed rail still considered sterile?

A sterile dressing that comes in contact with a bed rail is considered contaminated. The contents of a sterile dressing are contained in what is known as a sterile field.References:Terry Chavez D.O... Read More »

What is sterile mean first aid?

What Is Sterile Soil?

Sterile soil can either refer to soil purposefully sterilized for special needs of horticulture or agriculture, or to soil that is no longer able to sustain life. Soil that is intentionally sterili... Read More »

Can chickenpox cause a man to be sterile?

Chickenpox can cause male infertility. High temperatures can damage sperm, but the sperm should recover in approximately three months. In addition, the virus can cause the testicles to become infla... Read More »