Does being hypoglycemic/having low blood sugar, cause high insulin levels or low insulin levels?

Answer Being hypoglycemic doesn't cause either high or low blood sugar levels, my friend, it's high insulin levels that cause hypoglycemia.Strictly speaking, that's not quite true as higher blood sugar le... Read More »

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How does insulin controls blood sugar levels?

Insulin is a hormone, that means it is a chemical secreted into the blood by an endocrine organ and carried around the body to a target organ. Insulin helps to control the amount of glucose dissolv... Read More »

How to Keep Blood Sugar Levels under control and lose weight, prevent type 2 Diabetes and Insulin Resistance?

Although some people may inherit a predisposition to diabetes, their genes carry messages that must be expressed in order for the disease to develop. A healthy lifestyle that includes a low glycemi... Read More »

How can I lower my insulin levels (Insulin resistance)?

I recommend that you do three things.Stop drinking soft drinks, they are very acidic, and not good for anyone, especially a diabetic. Also no artificial sweeteners, they are very acidic too.Cut ba... Read More »

Does a blood glucose test include insulin levels?

A standard blood glucose test will measure the amount of glucose sugar in the blood. Glucose is the energy source the body uses to function. Testing the insulin hormone levels is not standard in a ... Read More »