Does being blind cause you to be unable to adopt?

Answer Blind people are able to adopt. They face the same standards as everyone else -- the ability to provide a safe, adequate home and parent a child. Most blind people are so capable.

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Does being annoyed cause stress and anger?

Yes being annoyed and stressed will cause anger but i don't think you will loose your hair unless your in your mid 70s

If Cervix unable to dilate after 20 over hours of labor what is the cause?

My cervix was unable to dilate after 9 hours of hard labor. I was induced and the doctors told me that they had the pitocin level as high as they could put it without rupturing my uterus. My doctor... Read More »

How does your partner adopt your child with out being married?

I don't think you can. You either has to be single or married to adopt. Just living together is neither. if you are in a samesex relationship and has gone through partnership might be possible though.

Can I get money for my child being partially blind?

Taking care of a partially blind child requires a lot of time, patience, and money. The government is aware of this, and you can quality for Social Security Income (SSI).About Social Security Incom... Read More »