Does being a logger in the Amazon pay well?

Answer On One Hand: The Pay Is LowDespite the fact that the average log from a tree in the Amazon will result in $128,000 after it has been turned into furniture, a logger in the Amazon does not reap the ... Read More »

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What is a key logger?

This software is installed on your computer and records your keystrokes. The best way to avoid these are to never download anything you don't trust, don't download EXE files and don't accept myster... Read More »

What is the job description for a logger?

Loggers work outdoors, in a variety of conditions, cutting down trees for manufacturing purposes. They also remove forest overgrowth, which helps to prevent fires from forming. The areas where logg... Read More »

How to Remove Key Logger?

A key logger is a software program that records, or logs, all of your keystrokes, then sends this information to a remote hacker. The results can be devastating, as this information often contains ... Read More »

What is a keyboard logger?

A keyboard logger, commonly known as key logger, can be either software or hardware that records all keystrokes that occur on a particular computer. Hardware loggers are visible devices and sometim... Read More »