Does bee pollen need to be refrigerated?

Answer If left unrefrigerated, fresh honey bee pollen will ferment in about a day, destroying some of its vital properties. However, if honey bee pollen is dehydrated or treated with a preservative soon a... Read More »

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Do Sweet Potatoes Last Longer Refrigerated or Non-Refrigerated?

A sweet potato, sometimes referred to as a yam, is only very distantly related to a regular white potato. The relationship between a true yam, found in Asia, and a sweet potato is even more distant... Read More »

Do hot sauces have to be refrigerated?

Hot sauces that are vinegar-based and contain only salt and peppers in addition do not have to be refrigerated. Other styles of hot sauce with additional ingredients should be refrigerated. Nonethe... Read More »

Does keg beer need to be refrigerated?

In the U.S., most keg draft beer is not pasteurized. Therefore, it should be kept refrigerated at a temperature of 38 degrees F, reports Non-pasteurized draft beer may turn sour and... Read More »

Do clementines need to be refrigerated?

Clementines are a popular, sweet, small citrus fruit. Like other citrus, they do not require refrigeration; however, they will remain in optimal edible condition for a longer period of time if they... Read More »