Does bankruptcy have to be published in a newspaper?

Answer Bankruptcy is a public filing and information is available to the public about bankruptcy filings, but consumer bankruptcy filings usually will not be published in a newspaper. Usually in consumer ... Read More »

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Is bankruptcy published in Tennessee?

Bankruptcy filings are public records. Bankruptcy is also considered a federal legal action, and therefore the same records rules apply to all states, including Tennessee. is an online ... Read More »

Do I have a bankruptcy on my record if the bankruptcy isn't finalized yet?

Federal law requires credit reporting agencies to report all bankruptcy filings, even if the cases are not yet finalized or are later dismissed or discharged, according to the Moran Law Group.Sourc... Read More »

Does a buyer have to disclose a bankruptcy?

A buyer applying for a loan will need to disclose a bankruptcy to the lender, but not to the seller or seller's agent, if real estate is involved. The bankruptcy will show up on a credit report. Yo... Read More »

Does a chapter 13 bankruptcy plan have to include child support owed?

According to federal law, the filing of chapter 13 bankruptcy does not absolve the debtor from certain long term financial obligations, including child support. A debtor is responsible to pay those... Read More »