Does banfield pet insurance cover injuries?

Answer Banfield pet insurance is a preventative health plan. Injuries are not covered. This particular coverage is intended to eliminate problems before they occur. Banfield claims that continuous prevent... Read More »

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Will insurance cover injuries and damages if it was a result of DUI?

Answer Yes, if your legally licensed and have adaquate insurance. If it was also not the thought out plan of suicide. That doesn't mean they will keep you afterward though.

If medical insurance will not cover injuries from an auto accident why do they ask if you have it and then limit your coverage?

Answer Medical insurance should cover any injuries substained no matter how they were caused. Answer Health insurance is only responsible (in most cases) for what your car insurance and the third p... Read More »

Will renters insurance cover your own injuries sustained on your property?

If you're the renter, no. If you mean you're the property owner, if the renter was negligent and that negligence caused the your injuries, probably yes.

Does PLPD cover health bills for injuries related to an auto accident?

Answer Ok, let's break it down: PL = Public Liability; PD = Property Damage.Payments that result from the use of these coverages are generally for the health and repair of vehicles for the party yo... Read More »