Does bad bacteria grow on food if put in refrigerator hot?

Answer It could. But that's a big what-if. Bacteria need certain temperature to grow. And while hot food in a fridge will become that temp. it will only be there for several minutes tops. Also bacteria ha... Read More »

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Bacteria That Grow in the Refrigerator?

Bacteria are microscopic organisms that grow in different conditions. Certain bacteria grow best in high temperatures, while others grow best at room temperature or even at low temperatures. Bacter... Read More »

What rate does bacteria grow in a refrigerator?

What temperature should food be stored at in a refrigerator to chill food properly?

Between 1 to 5 degrees C, to hold food at a warm temperature you want it to be over 60C.

How to Grow Bacteria in a Petri Dish?

Ever wanted to grow bacteria for a science project or just for fun? This article will show you how to grow them in a petri dish.