Does bacteria form in a water glass each time it's used?

Answer Bacteria are everywhere: in the drinking water (approximately 10^4 [equals 10,000] cells per 200 ml), in the air around the glass, and of course on the user's skin, lips, and mouth. So, yes, bacte... Read More »

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How many gallons of water does the dishwasher use each time?

How hot does my hot water have to be to prevent bacteria?

EDIT:110F will scald sensitive skin quickly and calloused skin over time. Ideally, you want to be something at/just above 110F but below 120F at the furthest tap from the water heater so that you c... Read More »

Does boiling water really kill bacteria?

Yes it does, For bacteria to actually die, the hot water would have to be at a temperature above what your skin could tolerate. Most people can tolerate a temperature of 110 degrees for little bits... Read More »

How does Special warming ovens are used to help bacteria grow?

If you mean that the (heavy duty) extension cord has a wire size of #14 or #12 wire in it and that the length is not over 50 feet then you will have no trouble running a refrigerator. Keep in mind ... Read More »