Does bacteria form in a water glass each time it's used?

Answer Bacteria are everywhere: in the drinking water (approximately 10^4 [equals 10,000] cells per 200 ml), in the air around the glass, and of course on the user's skin, lips, and mouth. So, yes, bacte... Read More »

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What Types of Bacteria Form Endospores?

Endospores are dormant bacterial structures seen in only a handful of bacterial genera that help protect a bacterium's genetic material during suboptimal environmental conditions. They were first d... Read More »

How hot does my hot water have to be to prevent bacteria?

EDIT:110F will scald sensitive skin quickly and calloused skin over time. Ideally, you want to be something at/just above 110F but below 120F at the furthest tap from the water heater so that you c... Read More »

Can bacteria grow in water bottles?

Studies have shown that water bottles that are reused multiple times can collect bacteria. Reused water bottles can develop cracks and crevices where bacteria can easily collect. Toxicologists sugg... Read More »

How do I remove iron bacteria from well water?

Breakup and RemovalRemove the well pump and pump column, and add bleach until the concentration of bleach reaches 1,000 mg/l. You may need to consult with your well manufacturer for the exact size ... Read More »