Does back pain subside after delivery?

Answer On One Hand: Back Pain Is Common During PregnancyBack pain during pregnancy may have multiple causes. A pregnant woman's growing belly causes a change in her posture, which may put a strain on the... Read More »

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Is it common to have back pain after delivery?

Answer I have had 3 kids & 10 epidural's all together & the back pain is coming from that. The doctor should have told you that getting an epidural could cause back pains in your future. After my 1... Read More »

Will TMJ Disorder Pain subside?

You general dentist is dead wrong because TMD will never go away and always gets worse over time. It will progress from reciprocal clicking to intermittent locking and eventually to permanent locki... Read More »

Will my finger nail drop off And will the pain subside?

when i was younger i got my thumb trapped in the car door.ouch! after vomiting and nearly passing out,my father then strapped it up and we played the waiting got swollen,purple and the pre... Read More »

If I puncture a bruise with a needle or cut it open will the blood drain and pain subside?

I don't believe I would do that because you could cause yourself more problems. A bruise is buildup created by normal bodily functions. You don't say what happened or when, but if it's been more th... Read More »