Does automatic temperature control in Civic use A/C all the time?

Answer In a Honda Civic, the automatic temperature control uses air-conditioning only when the vehicle is too warm. If the car interior is too cold, the temperature control system uses heat rather than ai... Read More »

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How to Troubleshoot an Automatic Transmission in a '97 Honda Civic?

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My Honda Civic VTEC Automatic Won't Go Past 25?

Your automatic VTEC Honda Civic won't travel over 25 miles-per-hour and you are left wondering why. VTEC is a Honda innovation that stands for variable valve timing and electronic lift control, an... Read More »

How to Fix an Automatic Window on a 2000 Honda Civic?

The 2000 Honda Civic uses a single-post, cable-operated window regulator to raise and lower the window. The post is mounted vertically in the center of the door, and the window motor is attached to... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot a 2001 Honda Civic Automatic Transmission?

The Honda Civic is a popular Japanese car that offers the owner a minimum of problems with the proper care. However, sometime in the life of the vehicle it may need work on the transmission. This s... Read More »