Does auto insurance cover internal engine damage?

Answer Only if it was caused by a collision or sabotage.

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Does auto insurance cover damage of driving into one's property?

Answer Depends why the driver lost control - weather incidents are always at fault. If there is another party involved, this may differ.

Does auto insurance cover catastrophic engine failure?

You are driving down the road, and your engine seizes and stops working forever. Is this covered by your automobile insurance? Some characteristics of your insurance policy need to be explored bef... Read More »

If a passenger in your parked car opened the door and hit another stationary car and dinged it can his auto insurance cover the damage if he is willing to make the claim with his insurance?

Answer It depends what kind of coverage the owner has. I believe the type he would need is liability coverage (some companies may call it property damage liability), which would cover the damage t... Read More »

Does property insurance cover damage to tv?

Answer Depends on your terms and conditions. Usaully you have be very deligent to get your money. If you rent your landlords insurance under PA state law should cover damages unless its willful des... Read More »