Does aunt sue's raw-wild natural honey contain pollen?

Answer It looks as if it;s American honey through and through.//" Sue Bee Honey is a registered trademark of Sioux Honey Association, Cooperative.""Sioux Honey Association is one of the world's leading ho... Read More »

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What does a pollen grain contain?

Pollen grains are tiny, but each one contains the genetic code necessary to create new life. Pollen is produced by the anthers on the tips of the stamens, the male sex organs of a flower. Here, the... Read More »

Does wild yam contain steroids?

The root of the wild yam contains steroidal glycosides known as diosgenin. Wild yam roots have been used for centuries as a treatment for rheumatism and ailments related to arthritis. While yams ... Read More »

Does Natural Vegetable Pine Tar Contain Creosote?

Pine tar contains some of the same particles of carbon that are found in creosote, but it does not contain creosote specifically. The distinction is best understood by knowing how pine tar and creo... Read More »

Does Skippy Natural peanut butter really contain NO trans fats...?

I have jar also, and it says that it contains "palm oil" as one of the few ingredients.Blood cholesterol controversyThe United States' Center for Science in the Public Interest said palm oil which ... Read More »