Does at&t have a decent voice memo cell phone?

Answer On One Hand: Not all AT&T cell phones have voice memo.AT&T offers a broad array of cellphones, but many of the cheaper models don't have the ability to record voice memos. This includes some of the... Read More »

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I like to pretend to have a robotic voice. Which cell phone plan is right for me?

The "LOST IN SPACE" plan, which allows the user to sound like the robot, and comes with this greeting:WARNING WARNING WARNING, WILL ROBINSON WILL ROBINSON ALERT ALERT WARNING WARNINGand if you sign... Read More »

What does it mean when you call someone's cell phone and it doesn't go to voice mail it just keeps beeping?

It's either:-a) you don't have reception and it's not connecting to even make the call ORb) the person your calling has their phone off ORc) person your calling doesn't have reception to receive in... Read More »

If I don't have Cell phone service, will 911 still work on my cell phone It's a US Cellular phone.?

911 should work on any cell phone whether or not you have service.

Does i phone 4 have voice control?

The iphone 4 does have voice control. To activate it simply hold down the home button until you hear the tone.